Conny Larsson And Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


When Did Conny Larsson Become Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Private Secretary? 1971 or 1973?
“In 1971, I became the guru’s private secretary and travelled with him everywhere – day and night.”
“1973- Private secretary to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founder of the TM organisation.”
“I was [T.M. founder] Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s secretary during the year 1973.”

When Did Conny Larsson Leave Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? 1975 or 1976?
“This was too much for me and I told my master ‘I cannot follow you any longer’. So I left in 1975.”
“I was in despair due to the fact thatI had left my Master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1976…”

Why Did Conny Larsson Leave Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?
Because of charging large sums of money for a certain TM course:
“I was a fairly wealthy person [Mr. Larson was a well-known actor in Sweden in his youth], and joined Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement when I was nineteen years of age. I was his secretary, his masseur, and his night boy, i.e. I guarded him at night. In 1975 we had a difference of opinion due to certain circumstances and when he started charging very large sums of money for a certain Transcendental Meditation course. I decided that this could not be right and I told him so, an asked him to change it or stop it. I gave him four days to think about it, after which I approached him again. He inferred that I was wrong, and he was right. I had not agreed of his practices, and I therefore felt, that I had to leave him.”

Because of organisational reasons:
“When I came to you in 1978 I was in despair due to the fact thatI had left my Master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1976, mostly due to organisational reasons. During my time with him I became his personal secretary and loved the duty to serve a holy man with the best of intentions. Under his supervision I educated myself in Rishikesh 1969 to become a teacher of meditation in the age old Shankaracharya-tradition. His own guru was the Shankaracharya of JyotirMath.”

Because Maharishi allegedly wanted the Nobel Prize for himself, allegedly lied about levitation and a deceptive photo shoot:
“I began to wake up when he declared that Mother Teresa was the worst kind of human being on earth. She later won the Nobel Prize. His main problem with her was that he wanted the Nobel Prize for himself. I was told to manipulate those responsible for choosing the people to be nominated. We tried to do this and succeeded, as he had much influence at that time, to get him nominated but this was blocked by King Olaf of Norway. He then started saying that all his teachers, I was one of them, were soon going to levitate. We were going to fly and we would visit all kinds of planets about which the psychiatrists and other spiritual teachers were always telling us. I realised that this could not be true as I taught these courses. They called it the TM-Sidhi Programme. At these “flying” courses people would be sitting cross-legs on their backsides on their mattresses and they jumped whilst sitting like this. After a while one could become very skilful and could jump up as high as a metre or so only to fall back again. I heard Maharishi tell a French photographer with a slow camera just to cut the “fall back” part and put the photos together when they were “up” which gave a flying image. So he put them together and this was broadcast all over the world. This was too much for me and I told my master “I cannot follow you any longer”. So I left in 1975.”

Because of Maharishi’s alleged sexual acts with women:
“He then used to call one girl every now and then and I always thought he was dictating a letter or something in the middle of the night. The girls that came last in the night never looked happy when she came out from the 30 minutes audience but never thought of it to be a pleasure or sexual meeting. Knowing what I now know I feel just embarrassed that my Master didn’t stand up for his sexual lust or love to women. That would have been perfectly OK with me anyhow. But to hide and lie and create an M-group that I and many other boy belonged to was just a soap opera I now think.
Regarding MMY’s guilt, he is all aware of it, for one day after a great f**k on the roof of his villa under the moonlight and in the protection of the mosquito-net he called for Tatwalababa, the naked yogi, for his protection and for his cleansing of the ashram, this was what he explained to the lady he f**ked with. They loved each other for years. Look at the group-picture from one of your photos which MMY did in Rishikesh when you where there, you are in the picture and so are MMY and the women he loved and f**”

Did Dr. Hislop Write Maharishi In 1973?
Conny Larsson claimed:
“I was [T.M. founder] Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s secretary during the year 1973. I did not know about Dr. Hislop then. One day that year, a letter came to Maharishi from this Dr. Hislop saying that he could not stay in the TM-movement because now he had met God in the form of the Avatar of Sai, and Hislop thereupon left the Maharishi and the TM movement. Maharishi, who had invested much in Dr. Hislop, appointing him as his first teacher in the western world and even having him become secretary for a while, felt bad. He asked me to write Hislop a letter telling him about the beautiful things that were going on within the TM movement and that Dr. Hislop had his natural place in this. He also asked Hislop not to follow this new master because he was Not the avatar at all. Hislop was told he was now following a dark path.”

Conny’s account is directly contradicted by John Hislop himself in his book “My Baba and I” (in which Hislop said he left Maharishi in 1968, five years prior to Conny’s account).

Conny Larsson Was Maharishi’s Secretary For How Long?
“1973- Private secretary to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founder of the TM organisation.”
“I was [T.M. founder] Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s secretary during the year 1973.”

According to Mark Landau, Conny Larsson only served a few weeks as Maharishi’s personal secretary. Landau claimed:

“In my memory, Conny’s time on the job was limited to a few weeks — i was surprised at how short he lasted, though, in retrospect, i would mark that up to his integrity, sensitivity and what he saw from the get go.”

As with Sathya Sai Baba, Conny Larsson’s stories about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi have changed, progressing from fairly innocuous claims to highly defamatory ones. Why?